Posted on: July 2, 2009 11:15 pm

Illinois bowl

Illinois should have a bowl, New Mexico has the same thing. they have a WAC and a MTW team competing the respective conferences for NMU and NMSU. the Illinois bowl would be played at Solider Field  and would feature a MAc team and Big 10 8. I know it is unlikely to have 8 Big 10 bowl-eligible teams, but if they add any of the teams Joe Pa was saying that they should, it would be more likely. I think that it would attract a lot of fans and would also be an easy berth for NIU. They could do the same thing that they did in the Hawaii Bowl, by fixing it so that if not but into another bowl automatically (like Motor city or Rose) an Illinois team would go to t, then we could finally get a much craved battle against one f the "big " schools in Illinois. 
Posted on: June 12, 2009 11:51 pm

NIU season preview-Part 2-1st half MAC schedule

The Huskies start their MAC schedule with games against WMU, Toledo, Miami (Oh.), and Akron. 
Week 5-WMU: The Huskies jump-start their in-conference schedule with what looks to be a tough game against the Broncos in Dekalb. last year the broncos took the game by a narrow 29-26 margin. the broncos have 8 returning starters on the offense, but only one on the other side of the ball. the Huskies are more even with 6 and 4 respectively. Result analysis: A hard fought game, I can't really tell who will come out on top, but it will be a good game.
Week 6-Toledo: Toledo lost 9 games last year, including a 37-8 bashing by Northern. The Rockets have a total of 16 returning starters. toledo also welcomes Tim Beckman, Oklahoma State's old DC, as their coach. Result analysis:  Huskies will repeat last years result in a Rocket bashing.
Week 7-Miami (Oh.): with only two wins last year, the RedHawks have an impossible schedule. Facing Cinci, WMU, Northwestern, and Boise State all before NIU. The game was to close for the huskies and almost gave miami a third win at 16-14. Result analysis: hopefully by al larger margin, A Huskies win. 
Week 8-Akron: Akron with 5 wins last season, did not meet with Northern. The last tome they played was in the 2005 MAc championship, Akron won by a heartbreaking 31-30 final score. they have since then declined. with 14 returners that almost handed Mac Champion Buffalo a defeat, Akron should bae an easier task then '05. Result analysis: A Huskies win to be savored.
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